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The 'Burbs

Here on The Movie Graveyard Podcast we are easing into October with a horror/comedy. The Goat is joined by good friend Trevor from Days Of Future Podcast to watch and talk about th...

Death Wish 2

"Charles Bronson will find the silver lining in a double rape/murder." The Goat and Cory G return to watch the insanely harsh and violent Death Wish 2. Off topic tangents include b...

Beverly Hills Cop

Sometimes you get a second chance to make a first impression. If you have a time machine that is. And thankfully we do, so here is the second episode of The Movie Graveyard podcast...

The Terminator

Former video store clerks The Goat & Cory G sit down in the basement of The Movie Graveyard and chew the fat while watching The Terminator.

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